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Who Owns Besame Cosmetics?

Who Owns Besame Cosmetics
Gabriela Hernandez – Owner Gabriela Hernandez – Owner – Besame Cosmetics | LinkedIn.

Who is the owner of Bésame Cosmetics?

About Us Longing to bring back the simple glamour of her grandmother’s beauty routine, designer and cosmetics historian Gabriela Hernandez started Bésame Cosmetics. Founded in 2004, Bésame Cosmetics has gained a cult following with our meticulously designed, historically inspired, and highly pigmented cosmetics that surpass expectations.

Our simple yet luxurious formulations are made with pride and a labor of love for Gabriela, each one being 100% cruelty-free and created for sensitive skin. They do not contain gluten, parabens, or mineral oils. Owned and operated by Gabriela and her family, all products are produced locally in California with Gabriela overseeing every batch.

All Bésame products are long-wearing, minimal waste, and packaged to be displayed proudly. Learn More About Our Commitment to Clean Beauty : About Us

What is the history of Bésame Cosmetics?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bésame Cosmetics, Inc. is a color cosmetics/ makeup company founded in 2004 and based in Los Angeles, California, It was founded by makeup historian and author Gabriela Hernandez, who is the current C.E.O. Bésame Cosmetics recreates makeup shades, packaging, and products from the 1920s-1970s.

Is Bésame Cosmetics non toxic?

Clean Beauty | Classic Elegance, Modern Beauty Bésame Cosmetics strives for excellence when developing our luxurious makeup formulas. We do not use any polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFAS. We manufacture and design all of our products in the U.S. using only the finest natural, safe, and effective ingredients.

  • While most of our products are inspired by the past, we actively embrace the present and future of the cosmetics industry, with clean beauty at the forefront.
  • Making clean products matters.
  • Our commitment to you is to continue to evolve, learn and challenge ourselves to go above and beyond to bring you superior, high-quality cosmetics that are clean and safe, all while wearing beautifully on your skin.

Clean beauty at its core is about safe and responsible ingredients; not all natural ingredients are good for you and not all synthetic ingredients are unsafe. Overall, all our products are produced without ingredients that are deemed harmful and toxic.

Being a small family-run business, we have total control in the formulation of our products. Gabriela works closely with our chemist to ensure we’re not only meeting but exceeding these clean beauty standards, making sure every ingredient plays a positive role. Our focus is on safety, transparency and education, ultimately empowering customers to make informed decisions.

As the industry continues to redefine the narrative and change what luxury means, we are proud to support the revolution of clean beauty. Recapture the soul of elegance, glamour, and responsible luxury with Bésame. : Clean Beauty | Classic Elegance, Modern Beauty

Is Bésame going out of business?

Hello Bésame Beauties, In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to check in with our cherished customers. We know that things are uncertain right now. We wanted to bring a little lightness in these times so we are making some changes while our staff is working from home and many of you are as well. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Live follow-along makeup videos every Tuesday at 1PM PST on YouTube Live, Access to our YouTube library with tutorials on Cake Mascara, Cream Rouge, and more. New podcast episodes. Hear Q&A’s with Gabriela and interviews with notables from the world of makeup, movies and TV. Expanding our follow-along tutorials to more days a week with different times and subjects based on your suggestions— all from our amazing staff working from home via video link. Follow Gabriela on Instagram as she reviews interesting products from her inspirational antique cosmetic collection.

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Please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see or if you have any questions – we are listening. Our DMs are always open, or you can send thoughts and suggestions to [email protected] Historically, makeup has been used to inspire. During World War II, the US government requested a special color of red lipstick to match the uniforms of women in service.

It boosted morale for both men and women, and gave a sense of normalcy in chaotic times. The Suffragettes used lipstick to make a statement of defiance which gave women courage as they marched for the right to vote. Even in the 60’s, young women used new and playful styles of makeup to show their dedication to love and peace during a time of war.

We also wanted to share that our new shipping partner, aside from also being a family owned business like Bésame, is state-certified to store and ship medication, making their hygiene standards much higher than non-medical shipping facilities. They are authorized to remain open and continue to ship product.

This means our online store will remain open. All of our customer service and corporate staff are working from home and our flagship store in Burbank, California will remain closed until further guidance from government and state officials. We are carefully following the regulations of the WHO and CDC to keep our customers and employees safe and to slow the spread of the virus.

Hopefully, a little makeup can brighten your day. We’re still here to help. Thanks so much for supporting our family owned company! As always, stay glamorous, stay healthy and stay safe. – The Bésame Team

What is the oldest registered beauty brand?

Shiseido : The World’s Oldest Cosmetics Company.

What does besame mean?

English Translation. kiss me.

Who bought Key West from Spain?

John Simonton, 1822 – Our history of a permanently settled island began on January 19, 1822 when John W. Simonton of Alabama purchased Key West from Juan Pablo Salas for the handsome sum of $2,000; the latter had acquired it as a Spanish Land Grant in 1815 for his service to the Spanish crown.

  1. Since Florida was a new U.S.
  2. Territory the original Don Juan de Estrata Land Grant to Salas had to the confirmed – no U.S.
  3. Deed could be granted.
  4. Simonton was in a race to lay claim to the island against other individuals, but his tenacity paid off and he was finally given legal claim.
  5. Simonton soon took on three northern partners: John Whitehead, John Fleeming and Pardon Greene.

Simonton divided it up property amongst he and his three partners. These investors acknowledged that Key West’s natural deep water port was the deepest port between New Orleans and Norfolk, Virginia. January 1822 No sooner than William Whitehead arrived in Key West in 1822 to survey the island, Lieutenant Matthew C.

  • Perry sailed into the harbor under orders from the U.S.
  • Navy to take possession of the island on behalf of the United States.
  • Simonton had paid for the island in January, and by the 25th day of March, Perry hoisted the flag of the U.S., claiming sovereignty over it and the neighboring islands.
  • Perry named the island ‘Thompson’s Island’ and the harbor ‘Port Rodgers’ – the first to honor the then Secretary of the Navy, and the other after Commodore Rodgers, the President of the Naval Board.

Neither one of the names would last long, barely beyond the visit of Perry.

Who owns Lois key?

‘Monkey Business’ to Come To an End in Florida Keys Several hundred monkeys living in tropical paradise in the Florida Keys have literally eaten themselves out of a home. Although they receive daily meals of “monkey chow,” two large colonies of Rhesus monkeys couldn’t resist the tasty leaves of protected mangrove trees.

  1. Since the 1980s, they have devoured 40 acres of mangroves and are fouling tidal waters with their droppings.
  2. It was enough to make local conservationists go ape.
  3. Now, a judge is ordering that the monkeys be evicted from their private corner of Margaritaville.
  4. The monkeys have been roaming two uninhabited islands since 1973.
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They were brought from India by Charles River Laboratories of Wilmington, Mass., so that the young could be trapped and sold for medical research. Local environmentalists have been fighting for years to have the monkeys shipped to a less environmentally sensitive site.

But their efforts were unsuccessful until recently, when a judge ordered Charles River, the world’s largest lab-animal production company, to relocate all the free-roaming monkeys within the next two years. The order marks a high point for an environmental struggle that has been under way for 16 years.

Still, conservationists complain that two years more is too long to wait. Curtis Kruer, a Keys biologist, has spearheaded the monkey-removal effort since 1981. He says he won’t be satisfied until environmental restoration work begins. “I’m not interested in winning court cases.

  1. I’m interested in seeing the operation relocated out of the Keys,” he says.
  2. I’m interested in seeing these islands restored.” BILL ROBERTS, a lawyer for the company, says Charles River recognizes the environmental problems the monkeys have caused.
  3. He says the company has tried for several years to obtain permits to build cages for the free-roaming monkeys, but those permits have been denied.

Mr. Roberts says the company is considering sending the monkeys to a breeding facility operated by the University of Miami on the Florida mainland. He says eventually the company will fully restore the islands and donate them to the state of Florida and the federal government as monkey-free wildlife sanctuaries.

The two islands owned by Charles River are Key Lois and Raccoon Key. They are about 25 miles northeast of Key West. Key Lois, with 75 free-roaming monkeys, is on the Caribbean side of the Keys. Raccoon Key, with 880 wandering monkeys, is on the Gulf side in the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge.

Mangrove destruction is so bad on Key Lois that the island is beginning to wash away, conservationists say. “If any developer had done anywhere near that level of damage, he’d be on the road to Levenworth,” says Ed Davidson, chairman of the Florida Audubon Society.

  1. He says Charles River has adopted a strategy of delay to keep its lucrative monkey-breeding operation going as long as possible.
  2. It’s all about money.
  3. Big money,” says Mr. Davidson.
  4. Monkeys from the Keys sell for $1,500 up to $4,500 each, says Mr. Kruer.
  5. Overhead costs of running monkey-breeding colonies are lower on the islands than they would be at indoor caged facilities elsewhere.

And because of their isolation and pure upbringing, the monkeys are considered among the best available for research. The monkeys receive fresh water and rations of monkey chow ferried every day from a nearby key. But that hasn’t stopped them from scarfing down mangrove leaves for dessert.

Although Charles River owns the islands, it does not own the shoreline where the mangrove grows. In addition, because the keys are protected wetlands, the company must abide by strict environmental regulations in what it builds and how it uses the land. Roberts says Charles River did all it could to prevent mangrove destruction.

The company built an electrified fence, but the monkeys simply waded into the water and swam around the ends, or waited until the fence short-circuited. Despite conservationists’ fears, the monkeys haven’t been a threat to all endangered species in the Keys.

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What bar does Jimmy Buffett own in Key West?

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Cafe is a Florida beach bar located in Key West.

What is the salary of belora paris?

Average annual salary in Belora Cosmetics is INR 7.7 lakhs.

Who is the CEO of Belora Paris?

Ainara Kaur – Co-Founder – Belora Cosmetics | LinkedIn.

Who owns makeup cartel?

Makeup Cartel was born out of a desire to create professional makeup and skin care products that were Easy To Use, Quick To Apply, Deliver Fast Results and Unique to anything else on the market. After many years of working as professional in the industry, our founder, Evette Hess, had an overwhelming belief she could find a way to give busy women a glimpse of the empowerment that comes with professional makeup and active skin care in their daily lives. Who Owns Besame Cosmetics Our goal at Makeup Cartel is to create a true and real value proposition to the consumer and to ensure that it remains in place through all levels of flow to market. We believe that all women desire and deserve the opportunity to enjoy the principles that Makeup Cartel promotes and for that reason, our brands will always be affordable and easy to use by women of all skin types and style preferences.

With a strong passion for wanting to create products that are not only flattering to all women but also easy to use for all makeup skill levels, PONi Cosmetics was born. PONi is a fun and exuberant brand that is absolutely committed to the principals of being affordable, easy to use and animal cruelty-free.

The brand focuses primarily on brow and lash products but also features a few speciality face and lip products. Since its humble beginning in 2013, this Boutique Range has grown into a well known and sort after brand as an industry leader brand for Brow and Beauty Professionals not only in Australia but worldwide.

  1. Whilst PONi was growing, we identified an opportunity in the market for an Australian Made mineral foundation that has additional treatment benefits.
  2. So after years of researching, testing and trialling – esmi Skin Minerals was born.
  3. The range started with our best-selling Liquid Foundation – with coverage, colour, cruelty-free, vegan, sun protection and treatment qualities being the crucial considerations throughout the development phase – all of which esmi Skin Minerals sets a high standard.

From there, the range has grown to include a comprehensive line of skin care so we can support our customers through their entire journey to healthy skin – from cleansing through to foundation. At only 3 years young, esmi Skin Minerals has already grown into a results-driven, leading brand in the beauty industry, and the demand for esmi is skyrocketing day by day.

  1. Our next brand to launch was an exciting lip brand called Lip Heroes.
  2. Lip Heroes was 3 years in the making of research and development, dreaming about having a lip-product line join the Makeup Cartel family.
  3. Lip Heroes is a superior quality, cruelty-free and vegan lip product line.
  4. We hope you enjoy it as much as what we enjoyed creating it for you! At Makeup Cartel, we are continually researching, trialling and creating all of the products in our repertoire, from conception and visual design, right through to the finished product.

So with more exciting developments coming for all three brands, Makeup Cartel is one of the most sort after companies for beauty professionals to work with.

Who is the founder of Mii cosmetics?

We had the pleasure of catching up with Susan Gerrad, founder of Mii Cosmetics and creator of its Length Lash Lover mascara, featured in the limited edition Female Founders Edit.